Our team is made up of individuals who are/were board members of private companies and non-profits, CFOs, COOs, CIOs and executive level managers for public agencies.  We understand not just how to design and build complex facilities, but how to OPERATE them and LIVE in them for decades.  We aren't only focused on designing a landmark building or creating an engineering marvel, but working with your design team to ensure the total cost of ownership is a priority.  Plus, because of decades of hands-on experience, we are just a super smart group of people that will think of things no-one else will.


Sky lights in a call center?

Sky lights sounds nice don't they? Letting in all that natural light.

You know what, the call takers DON'T like that natural light because, glare. Glade on a computer screen es no bueno. Oh, and it is really expensive for skylights that can withstand 150mph+ winds, which is important if your call center is mission critical.


How do you change those bulbs?

The perfect light fixtures really tie a space together.  You should not choose a fixture on looks alone.  How you maintain the fixture and change the bulbs needs to be considered along with ceiling height and use of space.  30-foot ceilings in a 24/7 mission critical emergency operations center will cause operational issues.  You will need to buy or rent a cherry picker. Operationally, how will you take calls while the bulbs are changed?

Value Engineering