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Your Benefits

Partnering with IMI means both your company and project will receive a team of experienced consultants with management and IT expertise that can deliver results through the use of proven methodologies, to give your company a competitive edge, backed by a 100% success rate on all client projects.

Our team members average 30+ years of experience in project management, IT systems and related fields, and many have held senior level management positions such as Chief Information Officers, MIS directors, senior vice presidents of IT, executive directors and departmental heads. We have an unblemished history at identifying compatible consultants for each client and project, all of which have successfully fulfilled their role as partners from start to finish.


Your Benefits...

Proven track record of successfully completing every client engagement with a 100% project success rate.

Immediate integration of our proven methodologies and resources into your organization's operating environment regardless of size, scope or stage.

Accurate identification of project requirements, resource needs, stakeholder objectives, project scope and much more to achieve your organization’s objectives.

Knowledge transfer of technical skills and management methodologies to improve your staff capabilities and expand your organization’s portfolio of process assets.

Global network of strategic alliances and partnerships within the IT industry and related fields, that keep your organization at the forefront of technology in the competitive, global marketplace.

True partnership.  Our success depends on your success, therefore we partner with you in every aspect of planning, marketing, management, support and evaluation of your initiatives.