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Global Advantage

In today’s world global collaboration is becoming more essential everyday.  IMI has a proven track record in Global Advantage solutions for both domestic and international business relations, having amassed a variety of international clients.  We understand U.S. and international markets, regulations and have proven abilities to facilitate facets of global business opportunities. 

The global economy is constantly expanding into international markets such as China, South East Asia, India and South America.  These global markets are becoming lucrative to U.S. corporations as both an opportunity of expansion of current product lines and

new product lines aimed at international customers, as well as a source of cost benefits for call centers, data centers and programming resources and back office support services.  This interest is mirrored for foreign organizations interested in U.S. business opportunities and investments.

IMI understands the time, capital and resource investment needed to expand operation and increase or introduce products and services to expanding markets across the world. 

IMI can assist your organization’s interest by developing:

  • Import and Trade Practices
  • Access to Potential Partners, Customers and Regulators
  • Business Plans for Venture Capital and Traditional Financing
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Physical Presence
As the global business climate becomes increasingly competitive, many organizations are finding cost savings through outsourcing or relocation of operations and skill sets internationally.  In fact, a recent study by the Everest Research Institute reported that, cost savings will continue to drive sourcing offshore for the next 30 years.  Additionally, 73 percent of Fortune 2000 companies say offshoring is an important part of their overall growth strategy, according to the 2005 Duke University CIBER/Archstone Consulting study.