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Construction Technology Management

IMI is a leader in Construction Technology Management of highly-available progressive technology facilities.  We specialize in data and call centers, 311 call centers, 911 dispatch and emergency operations centers, network operations centers and school systems.

At IMI, we provide construction management and tenant representative services beyond those provided by architectural, engineering or general contractors. Our design and implementations are tailored to our clients' technology initiatives. Our team manages projects, regardless of size or project phase, working closely with both the client and all vendors to ensure that the design is built to specifications, which can greatly reduce the need for change orders, delays or other problematic issues.


IMI’s proven Construction Technology Management methodology evolves out of our four phase program:



During the Program Development Phase, we work with you and your end-users to fully understand your current and future growth needs for a fully functional facility. During this phase, we will complete planning by covering all technology, security, business operations, employee needs and ADA compliance concerns to meet specifications of a fully fitted-out facility before construction starts. This planning step can potentially save millions of dollars in change orders, schedule delays and help avoid post-construction modifications.


Phase 2: DESIGN

During the Design Phase, we work in step with the selected architectural and engineering firms to confirm the documents issued for construction. We carefully analyze the design to ensure the facility will supply the appropriate power, HVAC, physical space and cabling requirements. If needed, we provide request for proposal and request for quote services including initial assessment, issuance, collection, evaluation, selection assistance and abatement.

Our proven methods guarantee that all of your needs for supporting technology are incorporated into the construction documents used by general contractors to implement construction including:

  • Electrical, HVAC and cabling to meet current technology demands with future growth in mind
  • Electrical and physical layouts of lobbies, common areas and shared office equipment to meet current and future technology needs
  • Electrical and wiring for current, planned and future wireless implementations
  • Physical security
  • Technology space design and layout requirements
  • Office area workstation configuration including power and cooling requirements
  • Cabling requirements including redundancy failover design

As part of the Design Phase, IMI can also assist in defining and developing a technology needs assessment, specific to the new facility. These services may include defining:

  • Infrastructure requirements such as switches, servers and data center layout
  • Application requirements, networks and interfaces
  • Telecommunication requirements such as PBX, VoIP and redundancy
  • Audio/visual requirements that are consistent with the needs of the business and functional area
  • End-user needs appropriate for the facility, including desktop needs such as PC requirements, networked printers, printing stations and additional software necessities

As a final step to this phase, IMI develops a technology facility plan document and utilizes this as the basis for ensuring all technology needs are incorporated within the design and accounted for during the construction and fit-out.



During the Construction Phase, IMI will be your single point of contact, monitoring every aspect of the construction and technology integration. This phase can greatly reduce the need for change orders, costly network and schedule delays by managing:

  • Construction activities and participating in construction meetings
  • Cable installation and testing
  • Interdisciplinary conflicts or issues
  • Technology components and logging issues of interest


Phase 4: FIT-OUT

During the Fit-Out Phase, we ensure all end-user requirements are met according to the technology plan by:

  • Monitoring and addressing implementation of specific technology needs
  • Managing technology installation equipment requirements, planning and implementing all telecommunications, physical security and audio/visual of the facility
  • Managing procurement of technology items
  • Coordinating delivery, tag, inventory and tracking all equipment
  • Deploying all PCs, telephones, office equipment and other hardware to appropriate locations
  • Monitoring cross-connecting network switches, telephone and workstation equipment including labeling, as needed
  • Reviewing installation test plans and regression tests
  • Performing regression test to verify functionality of all technology components, as well as corresponding technologies
  • Developing employee packets for move-in day that outline office policies, telephone directory, desktop log-in and computer functions
  • Providing on-site IT assistance to all users