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Technology and Telecommunications Provider

IMI was challenged with the complete design of a client's new 2N 40,000 sq. ft. data center and the relocation of its existing data center equipment.


IMI analyzed all needs of the client including its future growth projections, as well as relocation and migration scenarios of existing data center equipment to facilitate the design of an advanced, highly-available environment.

IMI was responsible for the development of the following:


  • All design documents
  • Integration of project plans, incorporating all design activities including construction, equipment and installation
  • Organizational relocation objectives
  • All construction issues that related to the total end-to-end reliability of the technology space fit-out
  • Construction project-plan activities and tasks
  • Benchmark status
  • Alternate plans to meet changing requirements
  • Vendor processes including data and voice communications installations, construction milestones, new equipment delivery, and equipment relocation and installation
Results: Our client successfully relocated into a new data center space with zero downtime during cutover.